Awards are made in four categories:

Arts & Letters

Arts & Letters include the visual, literary, and performing arts.

Visual and plastic arts include painting, photography, drawing, film, fashion, graphic arts, illustration, architectural design, sculpture, costume making, ceramics, metalworking, woodwork, couture, and the textile arts.

Performing arts include music, dance, drama, comedy, theatre, motion pictures, opera, magic, steelbands and other marching bands.

Letters include biographies, fiction, non-fiction, history, poetry, plays, choreography, design, and music compositions in all its various forms, conductors, directors, producers, stage and lighting designers, curators, and publishers.


Entrepreneurship is a term now commonly applied outside the domains of business and commerce where it originated. In that spirit, the committees will be open to any reasonable adjustment of definitions and criteria if the applications and nominees warrant it.

In the most fundamental sense, an entrepreneur is someone able to bring some new, innovative, and necessary product to the market, and in so doing transform the market, the field or area in which the product is embedded and creating a model for replication.

Entrepreneurship is often associated with the very big: paradigm-changing products like the cellular phone or the personal computer, which were the end points of multiple streams of academic, financial, and engineering efforts. The entrepreneurs we expect to find in the Caribbean would be innovators on a smaller scale, given the dearth of facilities available to undertake such projects. However, the nomination committee would certainly welcome anyone able to make such a paradigm-changing contribution.

Public & Civic Contributions

Public & Civic Contributions include the activities of those who directly work to improve communities and the lives of Caribbean people. The category includes those who have pioneered NGOs and people-centered organizations that benefit their community, country, and region and better the quality of life for Caribbean people.

The award recognizes outstanding work in recreation, youth activities, social welfare, educational services, cultural affairs, religious affairs, community affairs, gender issues, domestic violence and drug and substance abuse rehabilitation, health, HIV/AIDS, environment protection, employment creation, poverty alleviation, service, and outstanding contribution to the cause of good governance or civic betterment.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology includes research and experimental scientific work in the natural, physical, mathematical, earth, life, and biological sciences, as well as applied science to address practical human and community needs. These activities include the science of non-living matter and energy and their interactions including physics, chemistry, geology, and astronomy.

Earth Science includes geology, paleontology, oceanography, meteorology, and soil science.

Life Science includes the fields of bioscience and all branches of natural life dealing with the structure and behaviour of living organisms such as plants, animals, and humans, including botany, zoology, genetics, and medicine.

Technology and Applied Science include work that uses the outputs of science to create technology which may include the practical application of science or scientific knowledge to commerce, industry and practical human and community problems and will include the fields of industrial arts, engineering, agriculture, and environmental sciences.