Country Nominating Committees

The Country Nominating Committees (CNCs) shall be representative of their respective countries and the Region. CNCs should be multi-disciplinary across the various award categories. These panels must present a good balance of age, experience, gender and ethnicity, reflecting the diversity of the country and Region.

Nominators are expected to bring to the selection process a broad Caribbean perspective in proposing and considering candidates, not only for their country, but also from the wider Caribbean community, with whose work they are familiar. They must not be narrow or parochial.

Nominators will have a well-developed sense of excellence and standards.

“elders” in their respective areas of interests and their opinions/recommendations are appreciated and credible among their peers. They are well regarded for their judgement and discernment. Typically, they are strongly networked and have a keen awareness of the work being done by likely candidates, in their field of expertise. By virtue of their work, contribution, network and the regard with which they are held, they may be key influencers and opinion makers/shapers in their country and the wider Region.

The names of the CNC members will be held confidential until completion of the selection process, so they may proceed with their work without undue interference or influence. On completion of the selection process, their names will be made public.