Dr. Diva Amon

Dr. Diva Amon is a marine biologist from Trinidad and Tobago focused on improving our understanding of the ocean and how we are changing it, which has inspired her deep commitment to effective ocean stewardship. The 36-year-old’s research has focused on deep-sea biodiversity and the impacts of human activity on these poorly-known ecosystems through deep-sea mining, oil and gas extraction, fishing, pollution and climate change.

She regularly advises governments and international organisations on ocean governance and has been invited to speak on conservation issues at forums including the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

Since gaining her PhD in 2014, she has dived to parts of the deep ocean that few, if any, have explored before, published over 75 peer-reviewed research papers, and participated in research expeditions around the world. She also acts as an independent scientific consultant to clients such as the Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory at University of California Santa Barbara and the Pew Charitable Trust, on a range of ocean topics, from bone-eating worms and capacity building to low-cost, deep-sea imaging and marine protected areas.

Dr. Amon also has an extensive record of communicating science to the public. She and her research have been featured on global outlets, including the BBC, The New York Times, CNN International. She was also named as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer in 2020 and starred alongside actor Will Smith in the Disney+ National Geographic series, “Welcome to Earth”, with another National Geographic series to be released later this year.

Photo credit: Novus Select/bioGraphic
Photo credit: National Geographic for Disney+/Fleur Bone

Despite this global reach, Dr. Amon is committed to advancing marine research, education and advocacy in the Caribbean. Towards this, she has co-founded the NGO, SpeSeas, which works to make positive changes to the way the ocean is used and managed, from coral reefs and turtles, to rays and the deep sea, in Trinidad and Tobago, the region, and the world.

For her commitment to improving the conservation of the Caribbean and global marine environments through marine science, policy, and communication, Dr. Diva Amon is our 2024 Joint Laureate for Science and Technology.

Photo credit: Novus Select/bioGraphic