Mr. William Andrew Boyle

Guyanese microbiologist Mr William Andrew Boyle is a medical services entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Eureka Medical Laboratory (EML) in Guyana which provides state-of-the-art services to the country and region. He has also diversified the laboratory, and his general business enterprise in other directions, like green energy and food production.EML is the premier internationally accredited lab in Guyana, one of only five such in the Caribbean. It is also the first and so far the only lab in the country to offer the SchuyNet Lab Information System (LIS) services, whereby test results can be accessed by doctors online, and in real time.

In the late 1980s, working for the University of Guyana, and at the Georgetown Hospital Tropical Diseases Lab as a medical microbiologist, Mr Boyle noticed the lack of adequate and high-quality medical laboratory services in his country. To meet this need the EML was formed in 1995. From a start with a limited range of tests, performed manually by two staff members, EML today consists of a main laboratory in Georgetown and eight smaller collection/minor test branches within Guyana. He has subsequently introduced a wide range of the latest tests, over 1,000, as well as up-to-date laboratory equipment.

The Eureka lab further introduced DNA testing, through an arrangement with the DNA Diagnostic Centre (DDC) in Ohio at a reduced rate for Guyanese citizens than what would normally obtain for such tests sent to the USA.EML currently serves over 100 walk-in clients per day, (50%-60% of the industry market), an average of over 20,000 per year, as well as sixty major companies. Senior citizens are also offered a 10% discount. The lab serves an average of thirty senior citizens per day – around ten thousand annually.

Not satisfied with his achievements, Boyle expanded out of his field and country. A small lab and a collection centre were opened in St Vincent in 2010. In 2017, a Psycho-diagnostics and Family Centre, a first-of-its-kind facility dedicated to psycho-social ills, was added to the Eureka services. His innovative prowess is not merely directed to his core business. In 2016 Boyle converted his Georgetown and Anna Regina laboratories and his home to solar-power. And in March 2017 he founded the Caribbean Wind and Sun Inc. of which he is the sole director, to help provide green energy installations such as solar.

Entirely away from science and technology, Mr Boyle even diversified into an egg production and supply business, Amazonia Farms. His ‘Produced in the Berbice River’ brand has become a source of pride and employment for persons from the area.

He is the recipient of several awards, including from PAHO/WHO for an outstanding contribution to public health and leadership; from the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce for innovation, in recognition of recorded breakthrough achievements in technology, processes, marketing campaigns and development; and from Scotia Bank (Guyana) for a laboratory with outstanding entrepreneurial achievement.

Mr. Boyle traces the roots of his desire for success from his Alma Mater New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School where he graduated as class valedictorian.  He then proceeded to be one of the State scholars and pursued a BSc in Microbiology at the University of Cienfuegos, Cuba.  He then earned his MBA at the Australian Institute of Business, thus fortifying further his entrepreneurial skills.

Behind his success is a loving family: his children, Tony, Andrew, and Keziah, plus, of course, his loving wife, Dr. Karen Boyle, presently the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Public Health; the woman who is his source of inspiration and undying motivation  to achieve.