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E-News January – February 2022

As we welcome our 2022 laureates we remind our readers that our nomination period for next year’s laureates closes on March 20. The details, forms and instructions are on our website, via the Nominations pull-down tab. We have undertaken a regional campaign in traditional media, but we are shifting a significant portion of our efforts to online platforms. We ask, as usual, that all our subscribers share this final call for nominations as far and wide as they can via your personal platforms.

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(Top left, clockwise) Dr Kim Jebodhsingh, Public & Civic Contributions (Joint), Barbados; Anuskha Sonai, Public & Civic Contributions (Joint), Suriname; Marlon James, Arts & Letters, Jamaica; Prof Christine Carrington, Science & Technology, Trinidad & Tobago; Shyam Nokta, Entrepreneurship, Guyana.
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